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Our Long-Term Customers


What those who've used us for years say about us:

"It is always a great day when we receive our order. This last delivery was no exception."

- Mike C.. (Family of 4) St. Clair, MO

"We love your service and products. It's especially helpful during the summertime when all the kids are home, they can just go to the freezer and grab something to eat."

- James & Jessie C. (Family of 7) Platte City, MO

"I have always enjoyed Guaranteed Foods for their exceptional quality and how they consistently enhance my culinary experiences. Every product I've tried from them has surpassed my expectations, not only in taste but also in freshness and nutritional value. From the moment I first sampled their offerings, I was struck by the vibrant flavors and the evident care that goes into selecting and preparing each item. Guaranteed Foods has a unique way of making healthy eating easy."

- Kevin & Shawna L. (Family of 2) Abilene, KS

"Having the variety of food in the freezer makes it easier to figure out a meal at the last minute and not have to make as many trips to the grocery store."

- Barbara M. (Family of 2) Republic, MO

"The foods are so easy to prepare – makes it a breeze to come home from work and only take 15 min. to fix a meal."

- Yolanda C. ( 2 in the family) Blue Springs, MO

"We love the food! It's high quality, easy to prepare, easy to find recipes for! We will never not have GFI!"

- Erica K. (family of 4) Blue Springs, MO

"Always a good selection and quality."

- Danny & Leslie S. (Family of 3) Kansas City, MO

"You have spoiled us."

- Leroy Van Dyke (Family of 2) Smithton, MO

"We absolutely love everything and everyone we have worked with!!"

- Kelsi M. (Family of 3) Fair Grove, MO

"Very good service, delivery and great products. I am very happy."

- Don V. (Family of 2) Topeka, KS

"Very pleased with the quality of food. It's nice not having to run to the grocery store all the time."

- Melissa D. (Family of 2) Lee’s Summit, MO

"I love Guaranteed Foods! Everything is always AMAZING!"

- Jayne A. (Family of 2) Ottawa, KS

"My Foodservice Center broke down and the Guaranteed Foods team was there to bring dry ice then cam back to replace my unit. This is why I have been with your team for over 20 years . Overall customer service and food is amazing!"

- Lisa B. (Family of 2) Lee’s Summit, MO

"Always top notch. The dinner franks are THE best hotdogs I've ever had in my life. It's reassuring that I can pick anything for my family for meals and it always turns out delicious 100% of the time."

- Laura L. (Family of 3) Warrensburg, MO

"Very good food service ran by wonderful caring people"

- Kelly. B ( Family of 2 ) St. Joseph, MO

"We've been using GFI for about 6 years now I think, and we have been very happy with everything! Service, products and staff are exceptional!"

- Travis B. (Family of 4) Gladstone, MO

"This was our 52nd order. The quality is the reason we have ordered for 25 years."

- Ed and Deborah R. (Family of 2) Shawnee, KS

"Quality is way above the standard. Absolutely love this product and we are so glad we have it."

- Kaitlyn B. (Family of 5) St. Joseph, MO

"Guaranteed Foods products are always excellent quality"

- Beth T. (Family of 2) Ottawa, KS

"Love the convenience of having my food delivered and put away. Have been a customer for several years and have NO complaints."

- Linda G. (Family of 2) Edgerton, KS

"This has helped take some stress away from me and I know other busy mom and dads that could use this too. Food quality is top notch and everyone I have talked to are truly proud to be an employee with Guaranteed Foods and takes great pride in it."

- Jamie P. (family of 5) Garnett, KS

"Our family can always expect to have great tasting foods when we order from Guaranteed Foods. Using this meal service allows us the variety of foods that we like without breaking the bank."

- Kim S. (Family of 4) Gladstone MO

"It has been a tremendous help in our current situation where I am not mobile (fractured knee) and my husband does the cooking. At least he doesn't have to do the shopping"

- Jerilyn E. (family of 2) Hesston, KS

"We have been a customer for many many years. The quality of the food is undeniable. That is what keeps us coming back."

- Janet L. (Family of 2) Clinton, MO

"We love GFI! Have been using this company for about 5 years now and have been very pleased with all the food and especially the customer service."

- Allison B. (Family of 4) Gladstone, MO

"We have been getting food from Guaranteed Foods for 8 years and have not once had any issue with the quality of food received. Thank you!"

- Kerry B. (Family of 2) Topeka, KS

"The food never disappoints!"

- Jessie G. (Family of 4) Greenwood, MO

"Overall, we are 100% happy with GF service and partnership with our family- we trust you during Untrustworthy times-thank you!!"

- Rendy E. (Family of 2) Raymore, MO

"I really appreciate having quality food that I can prepare quickly for my family in busy days! You all are lifesavers."

- Jennifer M. (Family of 4) Sedalia, MO

"We have been doing this for over 30 years and have never been disappointed. I love telling others where I get my food from."

- Rex & Cheryl S. (Family of 2) Winfield, KS

"The food we've received through the years continues to be delicious and of consistently high quality. We remain customers for three very simple reasons: wonderful food, lower cost per meal, extremely responsive customer service. You people deliver the goods in more ways than one."

- Roger G. & Susan L. (Family of 2) Stilwell, KS

"Thank you for being such a good company."

- Jennifer S. ( Family of 6) Belton, MO

"Every time someone comes over, I open my freezer and their jaw drops. We like all the food in the freezer, easy and convenient."

- Kevin H. (Family of 6) Topeka, KS

"Really like the hamburger, and the hamburger patties are real easy to cook from frozen."

- Dan S. (Family of 4) Topeka, KS

"I will never go back to buying raw meats in the store. The quality and price of your products are so good. My children actually refuse to eat meats that did not come from our freezer. They are young but they can absolutely taste the difference."

- Stasja C. (Family of 4) Kansas City, MO

"Tim was awesome. He sent a text prior to arrival with an ETA. He was prompt and very nice! He was very efficient and kind! We definitely stress the convenience of having a fully stocked freezer, especially to our friends with young children!"

- Kari B. (Family of 5) Higginsville, MO

"Love the convenience! I never have to think about what's for dinner!"

- Susan H. (Family of 5 ) Shawnee, KS

"This service is AMAZING and I want everyone to have access to it! Food delivered right to your door and stocked by someone else saves so much time, energy and money."

- Trisha C. (Family of 4) St. Clair, MO

"I love this service... good food and easy! I do not go to the store but maybe once a month for paper stuff!"

- Shelly H. (Family of 4) Lee's Summit, MO

"Only found two items we didn’t like and you credited us on our bill, which I for one was pleasantly surprised. Anywhere else in the world if you try something and don’t like it, too bad, so sad. We really love your food and your company."

- Roger R. (Family of 2) Topeka, KS

"Tastes fresh, easy peasy, great customer service."

- Donna T. (Family of 2) Williamsburg, KS

"I am absolutely in LOVE with this company! They have supported us for almost a year through this wild pandemic and have been so fantastic to work with. We've moved once this year and the movers were so pleasant to us. They even took special care of the frozen cake top from our wedding, which was above and beyond what they were asked to do! Great value, great food, and the best customer care I've ever had."

- Haley C. (Family of 2) Overland, MO

"My favorite thing about your food is that when I'm short on time and didn't meal plan, I know I have a freezer full of healthy meals that I can heat up real quick. It tastes homemade but took a fraction of the time."

- Jill G. (Family of 4) Maryville, MO

"I have been eating for almost 70 years and I can honestly say this is some of the best food hands-down I've ever eaten at any cost."

- Roger R. (Family of 2) Topeka, KS

"All stocked up for the next 6 months! Trying many new things this time around. We highly recommend Guaranteed Foods; the convenience and ease of making meals is great for our busy family. We have always had nothing but great customer service."

- Janel S. (Family of 5) Greenwood, MO

"We love the quality of the food we receive! The customer support is second to none. We are so grateful for everything!"

- Maj. Frank T. (Family of 4) Shawnee, KS

"We don't eat out. This is a real treat: five-star-quality food we prepare in the comfort and safety of our home."

- Martha H. (Family of 2) Kansas City, MO

“Guaranteed Foods went above and beyond today! Our first day in a new house and they were able to coordinate with us to find the perfect time to pick up our freezer from the old house, deliver it to our new house and fill it with a new order!! Our delivery driver, Austin, did an amazing job! So thankful to have a freezer full of food our first day in the new house!! One less thing to worry about. Thank you Guaranteed Foods! You and your employees rock!”

- Sarah W. (Family of 4) Rosendale, MO

"My husband had a heart attack last year and is now on a low -sodium diet. Your service has opened up a lot of possibilities for him due to the lower sodium content. He is able to eat foods from your service that he has not been able to eat in months because I can't find these foods with acceptable sodium content at the grocery store."

- Deonna P. (Family of 2) Lathrop, MO

"Got my food today! Jeremiah is the best! I'm so glad we have this service. Only regret is we didn't do it sooner!"

- Barbara M. (Family of 2) Overland Park, KS

"The customer service is always amazing, but today, Austin went above and beyond! He was ahead of schedule (way to go!) and I was behind! He was kind and patient, quick and efficient, but also interacted with my toddler and was understanding of their antics! So excited for all our new food and so grateful for Austin's awesome work!"

- Chelsea L. (Family of 2) Kansas City, MO

"We absolutely love Guaranteed Foods. Living near Wellsville, we are in a food desert. Other than Dollar General it is 15 to 20 minutes to a grocery store. It has simplified our lives and we are eating better."

- Marcia M. (Family of 2) Wellsville, KS

"Food delivery day is my favorite day! Especially this delivery as we prepare for the arrival of baby #2. Knowing I have a freezer stocked to prep meals beforehand and to also have some easy heat-and-serve meals for after baby comes takes away so much stress. That paired with the wonderful customer service is why I LOVE Guaranteed Foods!"

- Brandy L. (Family of 4) Lee's Summit, MO

"I love Guaranteed Foods! We got our second order today. The food is delicious, quality, and they have the best customer service I've ever seen. They really go above and beyond. Before Guaranteed Foods I hated cooking because I always felt guilty if I didn't want to cook after working a 10-hour shift. Now I can put good food on the table fast! Then on my days off I actually enjoy cooking something because it isn't forced on me. Try them; you'll love it!"

- Cassie S. (Family of 2) Raytown, MO

"Quite frankly, I have never been disappointed with the quality of food offered by your company. It is always excellent."

- Margaret C. (Family of 2) Sedalia, MO

"Just so you do not have to look up records, this order was our 66th. I have returned two steaks and gotten credit for several items we used but did not like enough to reorder. If that is not a testament to the quality, service and value, I am at a loss to find one."

- Mac and Esther M. (Family of 2) Kansas City, KS

"Always excellent products and service!"

- Laura D. (Family of 4) Olathe, KS

"The beef is excellent as always. Made a mistake and ordered from Omaha Steaks. They are not even in the same caliber as yours and you may use that."

- Reta H. (Family of 4) Gardner, KS

"We have been customers since the '70s. Three reasons for that: 1. great food! 2. superb service! 3. outstanding value! There is a down side, however. I stopped ordering steak in most restaurants years ago -- when I discovered I had better ones at home!!"

- Kendall M. (Family of 2) Kansas City, KS

"Great convenience and tender, yummy meats and fish!"

- Pat W. (Family of 2) Lake Quivira, KS

"We started with the company over 40 years ago and have always been satisfied with their products and services. The service has always been top notch and we appreciate the fine quality of the foods we receive. Their expert and courteous delivery drivers even put the food away so that we don't have to."

- George and Sadie M. (Family of 2) Wichita, KS

"We enjoy the quality of the meat, and the service of the driver and the person who takes our order!"

- Kevin B. (Family of 4) Valley Center, KS

"I like your quality, convenience and the courtesy of your employees!"

- Annette B. (Family of 5) Raymore, MO

"Food is as good as you say it will be!"

- Nellie K. (Family of 1) Kansas City, MO

"I like the convenience and the quality of the food, and your company still provides GREAT customer service!"

- Margaret C. (Family of 4) Chesterfield, MO

"Quality of the product, courtesy of your staff and the integrity of the company."

- Matthew D. (Family of 4) Paola, KS

"Quality for the price. I never rate anything from anywhere as 'excellent' but you're right up there!"

- Kathy D. (Family of 2) Emporia, KS

"We have been customers 12+ years and have always been satisfied 100%. The food selection is outstanding; the food quality is unparalleled. This is such a valuable service. Thank you!!"

- Margaret C. (Family of 3) Eldon, MO

"Ability to order as needed; helpful customer service."

- Lois W. (Family of 3) Ottawa, KS

"Excellent quality and SO convenient!"

- Helen M. (Family of 2) St. Joseph, MO

"Love the convenience and always having something on hand to prepare!"

- Maria K. (Family of 6) Leawood, KS

"The superb attitude and competence of every employee I have dealt with is simply remarkable!"

- Leonard M. (Family of 5) Lenexa, KS