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What you should know about the "PINK SLIME" in ground beef

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Posted Saturday, March 10, 2012


Since the 'Pink Slime in Ground Beef' headlines broke several days ago, a number of customers have asked if our ground beef contains any.  The answer is "No!"  According to the stories, 'pink slime' is made from beef 'waste' (the stuff we'd throw away), which is then heated, spun in a centrifuge, sprayed with ammonia, frozen in 'bricks' and shipped to stores and processors.  The stories further explain that the stores and processors then thaw this "pink slime" and add it to their "ground beef." 
At Guaranteed Foods: Our ground beef is created exclusively from the fresh trimmings of naturally aged, All-Natural USDA Choice steaks and roasts PLUS fresh trimmings from the lean, 'primal cut' sections (chuck, loin, etc.) of All-Natural, boneless beef.  It has not been previously frozen.  We are very proud that, since our founding in 1958, Guaranteed Foods and its subsidiaries have sold only All-Natural, USDA graded steaks, roasts and ground beef with NO additives, fillers, colorings, chemicals, water or preservatives ever added to them.  To preserve their rich flavor and natural juices, individual cuts are "Bi-Vac® packaged and blast frozen - immediately AFTER they are processed - and backed with our exclusive "Hassle-Free Guarantee." 
Bottom line... for health and nutrition, you can always depend on Guaranteed Foods' ALL-NATURAL fresh-cut beef!
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