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Make your food dollar make a difference...


Here are a few of the ways our customers stretch their food dollars...   

Curtail costly 'Impulse' Buying!

With nutritious, easy-to-fix meals at their fingertips, our customers greatly reduce costly impulse buying!  By having a variety of nutritious foods on hand when they need them, they also dramatically reduce trips to the store.  

Spend less on needless 'Eat Out' meals!

Our customers don't have to spend extra money on ‘carry-in’ meals or pizza delivery because they’re too tired to shop or have 'nothing in the house to eat.'  As a customer of A la Carte®, quick, easy and healthy foods are at their fingertips - when they need them.  

Think what that means... just eliminating even one needless $20 'eat out' meal in a week saves up to $1000 a year or more in unnecessary food expense.   

Eliminate 'Wasted Food' Expense!

Our portion-control, “Custom Serve©” packaging keeps our customers from wasting money on ‘freezer-burned’ food, leftovers that get thrown away or meats and seafood that have ‘gone bad’.  

Special packaging of our meats, poultry, seafood, entrees, side dishes and desserts lets our customers use exactly the number of portions they need for any meal or occasion - without having to open or thaw more than they want to. 

And they don't need to spend time and money re-packaging hamburger and other bulk meat purchases into sizes that are usable for their family - then try to freeze it properly so it can be used at a later date.

Every food item we sell is backed by our famous Hassle-Free Guarantee - the BEST in the industry - near as your phone! 


 A la Carte... a Whole NEW Option for your food dollar!

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