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Specialty Poultry

Our Products

From delicately flavored boneless, skinless breasts to spicy wings and from whole grain nuggets to turkey breasts, we've got it all. And, like all our products, everything is portion packaged to make it quick and easy to serve. Enjoy a complete selection of pre-cooked, pre-seasoned or stuffed chicken breasts plus delicious nuggets, strips and even chicken breasts that are already cooked and diced for salads, stir fry or fajitas.

  • Natural-Flavor Chicken Breast Fillets: These delicately flavored, pre-cooked breasts can be used for entrées, sandwiches or added to salads. As with all our pre-grilled chicken breasts, they're perfect to take to work or school for lunch.
  • Mesquite Chicken Breast Fillets: The delightful mesquite seasoning makes these heat-and-serve fillets our most popular pre-cooked breasts.
  • Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Breasts 3oz: Teriyaki glazed boneless, skinless, chicken breast meat in a natural breast shape. Unbreaded and fully cooked!
  • Italian Chicken Breast Fillets: Marinated with a delicate garlic seasoning and pre-cooked so you can heat and serve it in minutes.
  • Chicken Breast Garlic Focaccia: Boneless breasts topped with Focaccia bread crumbs & roasted garlic. Ummmm!
  • Buffalo Chicken Breast Fillet: A hot & spicy, lightly breaded chicken breast fillet that is fully-cooked. Use for a sandwich or center of the plate entrée. Heat and serve.
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast Fillets: Premium breasts, seasoned with a mild lemon pepper and ready for your oven or grill!
  • Diced White Chicken Meat: Add to your favorite salad, make chicken salad or chicken pot pie. Or just add vegetables and microwave!
  • Chicken Breast Fajita Meat: Fully-cooked strips of chicken breasts ready to heat and serve. Ideal for fajitas, salads, soups, sandwiches or as a topping.
  • Cherry Smoked Chicken Breast: Fully Cooked Boneless Cherry Smoked Chicken Breasts. Ready to eat, just heat and serve.
  • Crispy Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets: Heat and serve for entrées or sandwiches. Fully-cooked but NOT chopped & formed.
  • Chicken Tender Strips - Fully Cooked: True chicken breast strips that are breaded, fully-cooked and need NO Frying (NOT chopped & formed.)
  • Pre-Fried Chicken Drumsticks: Kids' favorites! Delicious, golden, deep-fried crunchy drumsticks heat quickly in the oven or toaster oven!
  • BBQ Chicken Drumsticks: Jumbo drumsticks coated with a sweet BBQ sauce. Fully-cooked!
  • Cordon Bleu Mini Chicken Bites: The great taste of Canadian Bacon & Swiss Cheese rolled up inside a delicious bite-sized morsel!
  • Phillez Chicken Steaks: Chicken breast meat, lightly marinated with natural chicken seasonings. Add to our Fried Rice w,Vegetables for a great meal!
  • Whole-grain Chicken Nuggets: White meat, lightly breaded with a whole grain coating, Fully-cooked and microwaveable. Easy to fix!
  • Chicken Divan: These chicken breasts has a tasty filling that combines tender florets with a delicate mixture of Swiss & American cheeses. A high ratio of florets give this favorite great flavor and color.
  • Chicken A La Kiev: A rich, fragrant garlic & herb butter filling wrapped inside moist chicken breast meat then lightly breaded. Real butter flavor, right amount of parsley & Garlic provide optimum flavor.
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu: This delicious rendition of "The Classic" is SO tender it cuts with a fork. Lightly breaded outside, with a premium ham slice and creamy Swiss and American cheeses inside.
  • Home-style Chicken Parmesan: We have taken the classic Italian favorite & turned it outside in,putting our authentic marinara sauce & creamy blend of Provolone & Parmesan cheeses inside & topped with seasoned Italian bread crumbs
  • Chicken Breast Creme Brie & Apple: Stuffed chicken breast filled with a delicious creamy blend of Cheddar, Brie and Mozzarella cheeses, sliced apples and cranberries.
  • Seasoned Turkey Breast Fillets: A delicious and versatile bacon-wrapped entrée that can be grilled, oven-baked or pan fried.
  • Bacon-wrapped Turkey Breast Fillet: This makes a great sandwich, too. Fix on the grill,'Foreman' grill or toaster oven.
  • Boneless Turkey Breast: Pre-cooked so there's no loss. Thaw it and slice for deli-style sandwiches or heat and serve for a dinner entrée - or both!


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